Having lived in the British Virgin Islands, I can only say that it has some of the most inviting waters in the world to enjoy a week or more of sailing. With lots of islands to sail between, starting a vacation in Tortola and renting a yacht will be one of the most pleasurable experiences you could enjoy. With places like the Moorings established in 1969 offering packages to suit every budget, you can be assured of getting the right equipment and experienced support for you adventure.

The only question is, how do you get there? With so much luggage and a schedule that might not work with the commercial airlines offerings, why not charter a jet and go at a time that suits you best? You can access your aircraft locally and fly right in to Tortola nonstop. You can be sipping Pain Killer Cocktails at Pussers in no time at all!

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, why not send us your dates and preferred time of travel and let’s get you out to the Caribbean and on-board your yacht as soon as possible.

Avid Luxury Jet Charter