Travelling with your family pet on a commercial flight means one of two things, if the pet is small you can most likely place the frightened animal into a zipped bag and bring it into the main cabin, where it must remain on the floor in front of you for the entire flight, or you have to risk the life of you beloved pet and have them stowed in the hold with all the luggage.

Since temperatures can fluctuate wildly in the hold, the airline might not allow you to stow your pet if the temps are to high or low. Either way you still can’t rely on the temperatures being safe, let alone comfortable on the flight.

The simple answer is to fly private and simply walk onboard with your pet. You can have food and water provided by the crew if you let us know in advance of your pets preferences and you will not have to keep the little family member in a bag!

If you want to find out about a trip with your pet to any Global Destination, please click on the Reservations tab and give us the itinerary and we will provide a custom travel solution for you to consider.

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