The idea that you can give everyone access to hundreds of privately owned jet aircraft at a small fraction of the cost of ownership creates a compelling opportunity to both fly a better way and save money. Whether you are travelling with a small or large group, there are aircraft parked waiting for a journey to embark upon and that presents a flexible and luxurious set of options.

Avid Luxury Luxury Luxury Jet has set a mission to partner with the very best in the aviation industry to seek out and provide the best private flight travel options, so anyone can find a perfect Private Jet Charter to cater to the unique and specific needs of each trip.

From the moment a reservation quote request is received, it is analyzed and research immediately begins to locate the ideal jet solution. Information about the aircraft, crew and flight plan are reviewed and if these meet the highest safety standards are then formulated into a competitive quote ready for presentation.

We will seek out as many options to present as may be required to allow for comparison and even when a trip is approved, keep looking out for an improved solution, just in case.

Safety is of huge concern and we will provide as much information as possible, so you the traveler can have the knowledge your aircraft charter jet and crew are up to the task.

Each trip quote will include aircraft and crew details so unlike all the commercial flights you have ever taken, you will actually posses documented information prior to take off.

On-board you can expect excellent service and amenities that you approve to satisfy your needs and those of your guests. There are no dry sandwiches on Avid Luxury Luxury Luxury Jet Charters!.

To find out more about a specific trip you might have in mind, simply fill out the reservation form and let us show you what we can provide for you.

Avid Luxury Jet Charter