With summer fast approaching, planning your trip to Mykonos and visiting one of the great vacation destinations on the planet becomes a compelling idea. You can fly into Athens than have a helicopter take you straight out to the island. Mykonos is an island of approximately 40 square miles and is located in the Aegean Sea. It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and has entertainment to cater to all who visit.

From world class restaurants, to luxury shopping, hotels and nightlife. Mykonos has it all. What you need to avoid is the lines at the airport or docks. That’s why chartering a private aircraft into Athens and hoping on a waiting helicopter makes so much sense.

If you are starting to smell grilled octopus and taste ouzo perhaps your brain is trying to tell you something? Just send us dates and departure city and let us find the right charter solution for you and your group.


Mykonos Greece Private Jet Charter
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