Great Destinations like Manhattan, Cancun, Palm Beach, Washington DC  and Aspen, all are best enjoyed when you can maximize your time enjoying them and minimize the hassle of travelling to them. If you feel like visiting Catalina Island this weekend, why would you want to add 2 hours at the beginning and end of the trip just so you can stand in a line at the airport?

The next time you decide to attend an Amazing Event like the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada, the U.S. Tennis Open, the Newport Boat Show or the Ryder Cup in France, why not enhance your experience by flying you and your guests on your own private jet charter?

The time saving alone are compelling. Add to that the ability to make your own schedule, dictate the amenities and drive your car right up to the waiting aircraft! It doesn’t get any better… Send up your next trip itinerary and let us come up with a superior travel solution.


Avid Luxury Jet Charter