As a business traveler, time is of the essence. Costs are something that need to be kept under control too. So convincing the Controller that spending more than coach on a commercial aircraft flight is a better idea might seem like an insurmountable task. It of course is insurmountable, unless you are his boss.

Bean counters like to save money, nothing more, nothing less. If one cost is greater than another, you can’t expect time savings and efficiency to make any difference. However, if you are in a position to see the bigger picture and dictate the travel method, you should look at why it makes perfect sense to invest more in your business trips.

  • You arrive fresh and ready to do business
  • You are able to maximize your time with clients due to a better travel schedule
  • You can fly more directly using closer airports to your final destination
  • Travel can be tax deductible
  • You can bring more luggage, including samples and materials for meetings
  • Your clients will know your’e serious when you arrive on a private aircraft
  • The safety record of modern private jets is amazing

Overall if you actually figure out what your’e worth to your business per hour, the efficiency in time savings will probably negate the extra cost of private versus commercial. Now if you are in a position to understand that argument, making the choice to charter a jet becomes a much more compelling argument.

Perhaps the best way to decide if it is viable for you and your company, is to get a quote and look at the numbers and time savings, to see if they appeal to you. Other than that, if you can afford it and time saved is more time spent doing things you would much prefer over flying somewhere, then you should already be chartering flights!

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