Enough can’t be said about the importance of superior aircraft maintenance, both from safety and appearance. Jet detailing not only makes for a pleasant trip, it indicates that care is taken for the aircraft.

Whenever there is an incident on a commercial flight, often the maintenance comes into the spotlight. Since all Avid Luxury Luxury Luxury Jet charters provide you the traveler with a comprehensive detailed information list detailing all the important details about your aircraft and crew, you have a much better insight as to what you are boarding.

When was the last time you knew much more about the commercial aircraft you were traveling in other than a card in the back of the seat in front of you giving you the type and seating capacity? The captain, the co-pilot and crew as well as basic information like the age and hours flown on the aircraft would be near impossible to ascertain prior to takeoff.

Perhaps it’s time to think about your safety and that of your flying companions and learn about the safer way to travel via a private jet charter.


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